Causes of Tenosynovitis

There is some conjecture as to the causes of tenosynovitis. What is not in doubt is that tenosynovitis is a condition that affects the sheath that surrounds the affected tendon and can cause the sufferer pain, swelling and dysfunction in the localised region. Recent evidence suggests that as well as inflammation of the tendon sheath the incidence of the condition can be brought about by having several small injuries or tears to the tendon which exacerbates the inflammation which causes tenosynovitis.

What causes tenosynovitis?

The following factors have been known to cause tenosynovitis or increase the likelihood of becoming afflicted with the condition –

  • The condition is associated with prolonged repetitive movements so anyone that indulges in sport, manual labour, writing, typing, computer operation, etc. is at risk.
  • There is some evidence suggesting that tenosynovitis can run in the family.
  • Previous injury or strain.
  • In rare cases a wound to the skin over a tendon may allow bacteria to enter the tendon and cause tenosynovitis. Also someone with an infected bloodstream may get tenosynovitis as the infection can travel around the body infecting tendons and tendon sheaths.
  • A condition such as rheumatoid arthritis can bring on tenosynovitis.
  • There arethat are more predisposed towards their employees getting tenosynovitis and there are somethat can be followed if you are in one of the higher risk professions to lessen your risk of getting the condition.