Tenosynovitis Compensation Claims

If you have been diagnosed with tenosynovitis and you believe that the condition is a consequence of the work you undertake at your place of employer then you may be entitled to make a claim for personal injury compensation.

In order to stand a chance of making a successful claim for compensation you need to be able to prove that your tenosynovitis was the fault of your employer or third party. This includes you proving that the employer was aware of the risk of you developing your condition due to the work undertaken and that any steps that could and should have been taken to minimise or eradicate the risk of the injury were not taken by the employer.

If you are able to prove the above facts then you may be able to claim for compensation for medical care, rehabilitation and any wages that were lost as a consequence of not being able to work.

There are a number of professions that run the risk of employees developing tenosynovitis so it is worth checking to see whether you fall into any of them. Even if you don’t it may still be worth contacting a solicitor to discuss a tenosynovitis claim.

According to the WRULD Database, which is a collection of prior judgements of work-related upper limb disorders that have been heard in England, Scotland and Wales, there have been a number of successful claims for tenosynovitis compensation which have resulted in financial awards.

See below for a list of the activities that the successful claimants were undertaking which gave rise to them developing tenosynovitis and making their claims for personal injury compensation against their employers –

  • Assembling light fittings
  • DSE use: audio typing
  • DSE use: data input & word processing
  • DSE use: data processing
  • Handling / Assembling circuit boards
  • Handling / Filling: plastic bags of filler
  • Handling cardboard boxes
  • Handling coil cylinders
  • Handling crockery moulds
  • Handling knives
  • Handling sausages
  • Handling scenery (theatre)
  • Handling steel hooks
  • Light assembly
  • Manual hand press operation
  • Packing surgical gloves
  • Poultry processing: bagging
  • Poultry processing: bagging/skinning
  • Poultry processing: deboning
  • Poultry processing: evisceration
  • Use of a compressed air gun
  • Use of hand held tools, setting up machine
  • Use of pliers

If you believe you have a case for claiming compensation for tenosynovitis against your employer you may wish to consult with a fully qualified legal professional to discuss your case and whether it would be worth starting a claim for compensation.