What Is My Tenosynovitis Claim Worth?

Tenosynovitis is classed as a workplace injury and as such it is possible to make a claim for compensation if the injury was caused by the negligence of your employer. For more details see the section on tenosynovitis compensation claims.

Personal injury compensation claims for tenosynovitis are fairly common and there are a range of past judgements where a successful claim has been made on behalf of the plaintiff.

Obviously the amounts awarded to successful claimants are determined by a range of factors, however, for a general guide the following amounts were awarded in these cases –

Tenosynovitis compensation claim amounts

Case : Binns v Speechly Bircham. Amount awarded £35,948.

Case : Mountenay (Hazzard) & others v Bernard Matthews plc. Amount awarded – Nine claimants awarded between £400 to £5,000.

Case : Smith v Baker McKenzie. Amount awarded £35,313.

Case : Trotman v London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Amount awarded £2,750.